Embracing a bold spirit of my Sagittarius roots, I celebrate my journey every December 16th. As a proud and unapologetic Black Woman.

I bring a touch of silliness, genuine spirit, and down-to-earth wisdom to every interaction. I'm not just a second-time-around wife but also a supermom to six uniquely created kiddos, ranging from the age 20 to 8.

Rooted in humility, spiritual alignment, and compassion, I proudly navigate my personal and professional life with grace and authenticity.

I am determined to leave my mark in this world as a inspiring and uplifting and intentional women.

The Mentor

The Woman

The Multipreneur

Navigating Multipreneurship from a $1500 dollar Start

Embarking on my multipreneurial journey with just $1500 was a humbling yet invigorating start. Armed with determination and a modest investment, I started my first business venture and expanded into various entrepreneurial avenues, each presenting a unique challenge and opportunity for personal and professional growth.

From that initial sum, I learned to bootstrap, innovate, and strategically invest in ventures that aligned with my passions and expertise. Over time, my portfolio expanded, and I continue to navigate the complexities of managing multiple businesses simultaneously.

My journey has not been easy, however ever profit and loss continues to sharpen my entrepreneurial skills and is a testament to the power of vision, tenacity, and the ability to leverage limited resources for a maximum impact.

AR Consulting (ARC)



Evolve Suite

The Partner

Bae and Business

My partner (bae) and I have seamlessly woven our personal and professional worlds. As both life companions and business allies, we've discovered a harmonious balance where our shared dreams flourish. Our journey is a testament to the joy of building not only a thriving business but also a fulfilling and lasting connection.

Together, we navigate the intricacies of both love and entrepreneurship, finding strength, support, and endless inspiration in each other. Our shared commitment to both personal happiness and business success is the heartbeat of our unique and gratifying partnership.

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The Founder

Encouraging Another Sisters Excellence (EASE)

EASE is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, founded in 2019, that serves as a network for women to connect, encourage, and support one another through personal and/or professional growth and development.


The Investor